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My name is Michael, and I started this community in the hopes of providing people a place to share enthusiasm for life. In our society, there is so much negativity. Too many people blame others for their failures and set backs. This community is not for those people. It is for people who feel that the direction of their lives is in their own hands.

The attitude of failure is contagious. The more time you spend with people who have it, the less enthusiastic you will be. Sadly, in our society, it is everywhere. Even the people on TV constantly complain about dead end jobs and espouse and attitude of failure.

This community is an oasis from that attitude. Here we talk about success: what we want, what we will do to get it, setbacks, and victories.

Three years ago, I graduated college and could not find a job. Instead of despairing, I opened a business with some family investment. After three years, the business was not making enough money so I got a job selling cars. That job did not agree with my schedule. Now, I have two independent sales jobs. I have converted my business to a co-op so it can continue in its true mission of community building. I look to the future with optimism borne of not dwelling on what could go wrong, but only how I will get where I want to go.
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