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Well, I am a college senior entering my last semester so I had a lot to take charge of. Firstly, I have not been maintaining my mental/emotional health as well as I could have, so I now read self-help books regularly, am journalling more frequently, and am seeing a therapist. I also have a daily checklist of things I need to do every single day which I know I let slide when I get depressed or stressed out. I signed a contract with the checklist in it with my boyfriend who is also my Dom, but you could just make a contract between you and yourself. It was also his idea to have me make positive affirmations to myself twice a day. I usually only do two or three so I can make it stick. Another thing on the list is to work out a little bit every day, which is not too hard once you make it a habit. I have acknowledged that I have a very poor memory for some things, so I am trying to do whatever comes up right away or else write it down in a notebook which I keep with me at all times. Some people work best just doing things as they come along, but I need a fairly rigid structure or else I will get nothing done, so I always make a list of things that need to be done that day and make sure I get through it along with the list that I do every day. Finally, I am trying to save money so I can rent an apartment as soon as I graduate because I can't bear to live with my mother longer than I have to, and I know living by myself right away will force me to really get my feet under me.
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