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I made it happen

One of my original new year resolutions last year was to find a job making 30K. It eventually changed to finding some sort of career path I could strive for because I realized I didn't like accounting. Well this morning on the 2nd of the new year, I get a phone call offering me a job in computers for over 30K. So wow, I guess I made it happen, I'm quite stunned. It took the help of a lot of friends, especially one who already worked there, but wow.

I actually went all over the place on this. I started on accounting, then went to finding a career, went back to accounting in order to get some sort of path, decided find a career in computers, dropped that and decided what I really wanted to do was journalism of some sort. So I've been attacking the journalism career for the past month and then today I get a call from when I was interviewing for computer stuff offering me a job. At first I wasn't going to take it because I was focusing on journalsm, but I realized that this job fairly well fit into things and was a wonderful opportunity. Earning some money and marketable skills in something interesting isn't all that bad. I still have second thoughts, and I don't think I'll drop the journalism thing all together, I just don't know yet where things stand with me.

My year started out strong for the first 4 months, but then went into a slow down for the next 5 months and then picked back up for the last 3 months.

Goal 1, Clutter/Organization: I've cleaned out a lot of clutter. I've gone from an unmanageable mess to a manageable one. Now I just have to manage it! The good news is for the first time in a while, I have useful space in my bedroom.

The PDA phone did help with my organization a bit. I've been a lot better about keeping appointments and contacts. It hasn't yet gotten the todo list going. This past month I found started designing ways to be organized and eventually went with a Franklin Planner. I got the starter kit for christmas and spent $40 and the nice daily pages myself. A lot of money but I'm finding it very useful and relaxing. Hopefully in my new job I'll still be able to find time to use it -- I think I will. I also might integrate my phone's todo list with it.

The big trick this coming year is going to learn to be effective with my even more limited time. Cutting out time wasters, finding harmony between play and work, activities with others and those alone.

Goal 2, Physical Health: Well my weight has hovered around 190 since 3 months into the year. This isn't bad, I just want to do more. This will only come with exercise, although cutting soda down again would be helpful. I did managed to get my back into a lot better health then it was in the beginning of year. This year with a real job with real time off and a real health plan, I need to get my medical stuff all set, including over do dentist stuff and eye doctor to get new glasses that fit my current prescription.

Goal 3, Job/Career: I've written about this already. Right now some focus will be on trying to actually succeeding at this new job. But I'm a dreamer and will look towards that ideal job on the horizon. I finally got this book call Refuse to Choose that I want to read. Also making some money never hurts following year dreams if you can remain living under your means.

Goal 4, Personal Growth - I want to enjoy my hobbies again and grow mentally: I did pretty good with this last year. Caught up on some movies, did some reading. I do need to read more fiction. I'm want to read a novel, it's been too long since I have. I've enjoyed myself at my hobbies again. This one is also a time one, I need to figure out how to balance and what is important.

Goal 5, Interpersonal Growth - Meet new people, better connect with ones I already know: I did pretty well on this one, met a lot of new people, met new friends, did better at getting together with people. I hate feeling torn between hanging out with people and working on things that are important to me, so this will take more consideration on how to balance. Finding somebody to love would also be great. I did go on more dates this year than any other year. So go me.

Goal 6, Spiritual Growth: This one took a back seat most of the year. It made some slow progress.

So now I have to come up with what my new goals are. I think I'm basically continuing the ones from last year plus new ones.

Rewritten Goal 3, Job/Career: try to be successful at this new job and to see how it fits into my life.

New Goal 7, Get out of debt: no more credit card debt, pay back one of my friends I owe money.

New Goal 8, Write, and see if I can make money at doing so.
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