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make it happen checkup (long)

I had decided to make 2006 the year that I started to make things happen. New years happen to fall around the time when I finally started to work on things, so I'm using the year marker to help me count time. So, I figured I'd post a message about how things are going so far.

It's also good to be around positive people. One of the things this book I'm reading talks about is about getting a support network. One thing it misses is telling you about how to avoid talking about your dreams with people who will drag you down. It's the last thing one needs.

Anyways, hear is my 71ish day update on my progress. I've set an overly ambitious level of goals. But my goal isn't to complete them, it's to see how much progress I can make on them in a year. It's a challenge where every day can count. No putting things off because I'll have time later to reach my goals.

Goal 1, Clutter/Organization: My 7th/8th grade english teacher told my mom that I was the most disorganized person he ever met. My life has been in constant disorganization ever since I went to college. So I'm finally going to work on this by: ridding my life of as much clutter and stuff I really don't need. Working on ways to organize my self.

Accomplishments: Removed probably half of the clutter out of my room, thrown a lot of it away. I can actually move around my room and find some things. My laundry is in a lot better situation as I can find it. Put a lot of things in storage. I've recently gotten a cell phone with PDA functionality. I think this can work for me. I've started putting paper in folders, grouping it by why I need it.

Needs to be done: I think I need to get a new storage unit closer to my house. Originally choice was when I thought my life was moving to another area with a job. I need to finish my room decluttering, be more brave in throwing things out. I need to actually enter stuff into my phone. I need to go through all my back mail and to organize it into folders and put those folders into the box I got for them.

Goal 2, Physical Health: I've let my physical health go downhill in my 20's. I need to take a different path. I have relatives in great shape and poor shape, the consquences are very real.

Accomplishments: I've gotten myself down to 190. When I started this goal back in September I was over 200. I've started walking more, found that really helps and I miss it. I'm eating a better.

Needs to be done: I need to walk more. Since I've started at this new job, I've gotten to talk a lot less. I need to really see if I can find a way to walk around this place. I also need to do a few more things to improve nutrition, such as cut more soda out of my diet. I also need to go to the dentist and eye doctor.

Goal 3, Job/Career: I need to get myself on some sort of career path.

Accomplishments: I've gone to my first ever job interview where I sent someone a resume and they responded. I also completely scrapped this direction of a job search and started over and I'm starting from square one trying to figure out which way my career should go. I've bought a book written by a local career counselor, and I'm reading it. So far it seems really helpful.

Needs to be done: This one has grown in size since I started, but in this case it's probably a good things and is going to help other areas a lot. It's inspiring other action and will hopefully lead to a life where other things fall into place better. I need to finish this book, do all the excercises, go to live counselling if needed, and figure out what career to do and to figure out what is needed to do this career and make an action plan. Then I need to start on this path. Finding a support network in regards to this would also be helpful.

Goal 4, Personal Growth: I want to enjoy my hobbies again and grow mentally.

Accomplishments: I've bought a new cell phone which helps me indulge my geeky interests. It also has allowed me to start taking pictures. I've started reading more, and I have actually read my first book in years. I've been listening to the Hitchhikers radio series. I've bought and hooked up a DVD player in my room and have actually started watching some of the DVDs given to me that have been piling up for 2 years.

Needs to be done: Read more books, perhaps even some fiction. Get my cell phone to work with computer so I can download my pictures. Do more computer stuff I used to enjoy, learn Emacs better, do some C again, perhaps learn XML, install Gentoo or LFS. Prioritize hobbies so I can keep them in balance. Do some writing. Perhaps look into doing radio again.

Goal 5, Interpersonal Growth: Meet new people, better connect with ones I already know.

Accomplishments: Drove to eastern MA to see a really good friend I hadn't seen in a year. Have called up more friends on the phone. Hung out with someone one on one with whom I hadn't before. Talked with people about hanging out in new places.

Needs to be done: Get involved in more groups of new people. Hang out in places I normally haven't. Continue to make better efforts to reach out to old friends and family and continue to make better efforts to reach out to new people. Call people I haven't seen in a while, especially from old work places.

Gaol 6, Spiritual Growth: find a spiritual home for myself

Accomplishments: Gone to some new places. Thought a lot more about what I'm looking for.

Needs to be done: Go to a lot more new places. Try to pick out a good spiritual home.

wow.. that was a lot more than I was expecting. But if felt really good to write it all down. I was planning on working on my career book, but I think doing this had a lot of merit. I was planning on doing so far a long time and finally actually did it.
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